nicola summer

Nicola Summer

I have worked as a reflexologist and reiki master for 14 years now. I love to support people with their physical and emotional wellbeing and these two therapies complement each other beautifully.

Reflexology is a lovely non invasive soothing therapy , it dates back 5000 years! It works with the bodies’ nervous system supporting healing through relaxations. All conditions benefit from this treatment. An interesting fact to consider is that you have 7000 nerve endings in your feet.

Reiki is another traditional eastern healing technique that works with your emotions in a gentle and loving way. These two therapies can be given together or separately depending on what you as a person would like.

With a passion for spiritual development I also enjoy helping people connect with their own abilities. We all have unique gifts and I also run small workshops where i facilitate people accessing their own abilities. As a reiki master and with a teaching qualification at adult education level , I love running course in the following areas: reiki levels 1, 2 and masters. Working with Angels. Understanding your gifts – are you clairsentient, Clair audient, clairvoyant or claircognisant.

I look forward to meeting you